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I've been called a lot of things...

...but to get to the bottom of WHO I truly am as a person, I'd like to explain to you exactly what it is I do, what my passions are, and how I came into this line of work.

At the time of you reading this, I have 2 passions in my life...

1. Helping entrepreneurs and business owners market their incredible products and services so that the rest of the world can benefit from what they have to offer.

2. Educating the masses on the fundamentals of nutrition, physical fitness, and supplementation, and a success mindset so that they can change their bodies, minds, and lives.

If you fall into either of the categories as someone I can serve, then I'd like to tell you a little more about myself...

In the following message from me to you, you're going to discover something very hard to swallow.

You'll discover that everyone thinks their shit is the shit...

...but the truth is no body cares about what you've been through.

I'm not saying that what you've been through in your life isn't very real and very HARD... but just understand that the universe (and nobody else) cares about what hardships and struggles you've gone through in your past.

People are just too self absorbed to care about your pain, and they aren't listening to you complain.

So you've got two options...

1. Dwell and lose

2. Move on and win

The following entry is a post I wrote via Facebook on February 18th of 2019:
Have you ever lost someone close to you?⁣

Have you experienced… The death of a loved one? The end of a beautiful friendship? A breakup with someone you were in love with? A family member changed beyond recognition?⁣ 
If so, then you can achieve anything you want in life.⁣
You can be unstoppable.⁣
Let me explain.
Today would be my father’s 62nd birthday if he were still here…⁣
…so Why The HELL have I posted yet another set of pictures of me with my shirt off?!⁣
Shouldn’t I instead be posting about how amazing of a father he was? Shouldn’t I tell all my friends on social media how he was the best Dad ever? My best friend? The man who taught me everything? Someone to look up to?⁣
I could ramble for hours about his gentle kindness, humor, work ethic, and intellect… Maybe I should… But instead I’ve decided to honor him in a different way this year.⁣
Rather than talking about how much I miss my Dad and wish he was still here - I’ve decided to spill the beans on a topic I’ve been thinking about (in secret) for a long time. ⁣
I’ve never openly shared this before. It’s controversial. It may even sound cold and apathetic. Few will understand it at first. And I’m likely to get lash back for it.⁣
…but I’ve decided to tell you how my father’s death made me a BETTER and STRONGER man.⁣
More specifically: how the PAIN of losing someone close to me has made me stronger. And how pain can make you stronger too.⁣
This is going to be heavy topic.⁣
You see, in my 22 years I’ve lost two people that I once loved more than anything…⁣
One, I lost to a freak accident.⁣
The other, I lost to my own selfish behavior.⁣
On both occasions, I suffered… It’s worse than any physical pain imaginable. And it doesn’t go away.⁣
But on my both occasions, I’ve GROWN in extraordinary ways.⁣
First, I’ll tell you my “Aha” moment. And then I’ll tell you why this is a Real thing!⁣
Here is my realization...
“Unbearable PAIN is a Rare OPPORTUNITY for Extraordinary GROWTH.”
Stick with me, and you’ll see why this is true in a moment.⁣ 
Believe it or not, this shit is Scientifically sound... And although I’m not going to bore you with the in-depth science behind this, I believe the following will make sense to you and serve you in some way.⁣
You see, when you’re experiencing enough pain - 2 paths are laid out in front of you:⁣
#1. The FIRST path is a dark road. A path where you become a victim of your past experience. Where you turn to television, social media, alcohol, sex, drugs and ANY other stimulus that numbs your pain. And you make that pain the excuse for your actions.⁣
#2. The SECOND path is the opportunity. A chance to channel all the pain behind you and have it PUSH you forward into the direction of a goal you want to achieve.⁣
I won’t lie to you…⁣
At first I picked Path #1.⁣
I played the VICTIM. I started Drinking. Partying. NUMBING the pain. And using that pain as an EXCUSE for numbing myself.⁣
…but numbing the side effects wasn’t enough.⁣
I was still suffering. And this suffering translated to aggression...⁣
The pain of losing someone so close to me provided me with a source of untapped aggressive energy that built and continued to grow… Like a dam being filled to a point where the pressure was ready to break concrete, these rising levels of aggression had to be released.⁣
It literally felt like heat and pressure between my ears. Ready to explode at any moment.⁣
The aggression could be released unpredictably… perhaps in an argument or in a fight where I’d explode and blow things out of proportion.⁣
Often times I’d become cold and immobile when I should’ve been warm and empathetic to others.⁣
Other times I’d break down in sessions of crying without apparent reason.⁣
After months of this, I realized I had only 2 options:⁣
Path #1. I could continue numbing the pain. Continue playing the victim. Continue making excuses. Continue allowing aggression to unpredictably hurt those around me. And continue to let my past run my life.⁣
Path #2. OR… I could select a target and push my aggression onto something productive.⁣
So, I chose #2. And I picked my target… I chose to let my aggression break on iron. Under the barbell and in the gym.⁣
I think Arnold Schwarzenegger put it plainly when he said, “Pain makes me grow. Growing is what I want. Therefore, for me pain is pleasure.”⁣
And with this new found target to release my pain and my aggression, I put on over 35lbs of muscle in under one year.⁣
Now that was about 4 years ago…⁣
But the picture of me on the left? …that was just 4 months ago.⁣
I put on some extra body fat over the years.⁣
Well… that’s because after my back surgery (which I talked about recently) I unfortunately began to GRADUALLY “relapse” and revert back to my old ways of Path #1 with time.⁣
It didn’t happen quickly. It was a SLOW process.⁣
I stopped lifting as much. I stopped dieting. And my behavior became VERY “Path #1” once again…⁣
…BUT judging by the picture on the right - I’ve made extreme progress… In fact, I lost 32lbs of body fat in just 4 months!⁣
But Why? And How?⁣
Do you think doing something like that requires a tremendous amount of motivation? Do you think it requires a ton of willpower?⁣
The truth is it doesn’t require ANY willpower at all.⁣
The truth is I was unfortunate (and simultaneously fortunate) enough to lose someone else.⁣
I lost them because I had taken a trip down Path #1 again… Partying. Drinking. Playing the victim. And making excuses…⁣
…and that loss was fucking PAINFUL!⁣
But I USED that pain to my own advantage.⁣
I used that pain to push myself down Path #2 again!⁣
I stopped drinking. I stopped partying. I stopped playing the victim. I stopped making excuses…⁣
And coupled with a real passion for lifting and a desire to help others, I used that pain to push me towards achieving a health and fitness goal I never thought possible for me.⁣
I mean this: “When you have a painful experience pushing you forward, you can accomplish ANYTHING.”⁣
It gives you a CHANCE to come out the other side having grown. Physically. Emotionally. Mentally. Socially. Spiritually.⁣
BUT Here’s The Catch: You first to have recognize pain is an opportunity. And these opportunities will only come a few times in your life… Seize these opportunities the moment they present themselves to you!⁣
Now… I am NOT suggesting that going through an incredibly painful experience is a good thing - in fact, it’s a horrible thing. It sucks.⁣
…but what I AM suggesting is the following…⁣
If you’ve gone through (or are going through) something extremely painful in your life, you can pick Path #1 or Path #2… The choice is yours. But you do have the choice to make the best of it.⁣
NO MATTER what you’ve gone through or are going through… you have a chance to make something good of all that suffering.⁣
Arnold and I weren’t the only ones to suggest this idea that PAIN gives you an OPPORTUNITY to come out the side a BETTER person.⁣
Who else said it?
“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” - Anthony Robbins⁣
“If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.” - Henry David Thoreau⁣
“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.” - Lao Tzu⁣
“The greater the pain, the greater the awakening.” - Buddha
…and there are so many more.⁣
Don’t make the same mistakes I did.⁣
…don’t take Path #1. EVER!⁣
Stay conscious of this. Seize opportunities when they present themselves to you. And never look back.⁣
If you can do that, you’ll be unstoppable.
Happy birthday, Dad.
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